Why Buy Ads? When You Can Buy Games?

So when’s the last time you got a promotion because you placed that “one” banner ad buy? When’s the last time you celebrated having an ad pop-up over your favorite YouTube video? Never? We thought so. Did you know however that a single game can captivate your customers for up to 45 minute minimum plays? Our customers know this, which is how we stay in business.

Never before in history have consumers been so aware of ad placement, and more importantly the methods to avoid them. Yet customers every single day flock to games of all kinds. The marketing industry has to reinvent how it reaches its customers. The “Reinvention Of Television” will undoubtedly produce a game-based marketing strategy. We can get you to this new era in marketing today.

If you’re looking to make an impression with your marketing dollars, you need to consider a well designed, well placed game on the internet. From simple Flash applications that give your customers a good challenge every morning, to a mobile app that they can play anywhere anytime. Zero G Games can allow you to convert your marketing dollars into measurable acts of customer product purchasing and loyalty.

Don’t buy ads. Buy games. They work.

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