We Can Make Any Genre Successful

zerog-games-mashupZero G Games is founded from industry leaders who’ve created some of the biggest games in the business. From smaller casual gaming titles meant for five minutes of play to massive multiplayer titles that consume months of ongoing devotion, we understand the full spectrum of each game genre’s potential.

Massive Multiplayer Environments (MMO)

Zero G has helped several clients build MMO titles for their players. From casual gaming platforms with tens of millions of players monthly to kid-safe gaming communities online, to online music studios, we’ve built the impossible several times. If you need a gaming solution that lures millions of players daily, we can help design, build, and implement exactly that solution.

Multiplayer Games

It’s one thing to design a great gaming experience, but it’s another to create an experience powerful enough to make a game invite successful. Zero G has benefited from years of experience working in the biggest gaming companies to decipher design attributes that appeal to mass audiences. Not only does the game design have to work, but the flow of the user interface has to perfectly balance the pay offs such that the player will want to invite a friend, and so that the friend wants to join the game. We have this expertise to convert any title into the magical formula of viral gaming explosions.

Single Player Games

A player staring at a game equals opportunity to sell ads, call to action events, and build brand loyalty. Zero G has a spotless record of creating single player games with extremely long playtimes. Our clients have had to pull some free games due to bandwidth charges, because they were so successful. If you are looking for solutions to build traffic to your site, sell products, or simply generate ad revenue, we can offer you countless choices to do so.

Some Of The Game Genres We’ve Developed:

  • Card GamesĀ (multiplayer)
    • Poker (countless versions)
    • Blackjack
    • Hearts / Spades
    • Solitaire (countless versions)
    • Gin Rummy
    • Bridge
  • Racing Games
  • Sports GamesĀ (multiplayer)
    • Football
    • Basketball
    • Baseball
    • Swimming
    • Bowling
    • Track & Field
    • Golf
    • Pool
    • Fantasy League
  • Space Shooters
  • Lottery Games
  • Board Games (multiplayer)
    • Monopoly
    • Scrabble
    • Boggle
    • Sorry!
    • Battleship
    • Yahtzee!
    • Chess
  • Fighter Side-Scroller
  • Mystery Exploration
  • Trivia (countless versions)
  • Kid-Safe Community Game Site
  • Puzzle Games
  • Arcade Top-Down Battle Simulation
  • Arcade Coin-Op Simulators
  • Stock Market Games

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