LL Cool J Releases Boomdizzle Studio

In March of 2009, Zero G got a call from a representative of LL Cool J. Within a couple days, we met the King of HipHop himself at the Four Seasons in Los Angeles. LL had an idea for an online music studio. We made a presentation, shook hands, and began development immediately. In less than 45 days, sitting in a office at the William Morris Agency, we networked LL with his sound engineer in Buffalo New York and recorded a multitrack session LIVE. LL turned to us and said, “You’ve just done what a guy has been telling me for 15 months could not be done.”

For the next year Zero G worked closely with LL Cool J and company to design and build an online studio, which has been named My Connect Studio. We are very proud to announce this product has hit the airwaves so many years later. We wish LL Cool J and Boomdizzle the best of luck in their new venture.

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