How We Create HTML5 & JQuery Games


HTML5 gaming ushers in a very powerful opportunity to create a single gaming experience, and have that experience work seamlessly across multiple platforms. We at Zero G have been working tirelessly to create HTML5 gaming technology to do just that. Our technology spans both pure HTML5 canvas coding, and the ever evolving JQuery application development segment.

Pure HTML5 Game Programming

HTML5 offers something new to the community of web gamers, the canvas. The canvas behaves exactly like a normal bitmap rectangle where blazing fast pixel pushing can facilitate some incredible gaming experiences. HTML5 does however require the latest in browser technology. For companies that want to offer premium solutions, HTML5 canvas based games can make it happen without bulky Flash or Java client technology.

JQuery Game Programming

With the introduction of JQuery, Javascript developers have the power of maximum browser compatibility with cutting-edge transitions, sprite manipulation, and much more. Using highly optimized JSON / Ajax server layering, your JQuery game can offer crisp graphics, a customizable interface, all riding on a lean protocol of back-end client messaging.

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