iOS / Android / Facebook


Zero G Games is known in the industry for bringing gaming experiences to every platform where gamers live. From iPhone iPad, to Android Tablet, to social networking platforms like Flash Facebook, Zero G will get your game done, on time, and on budget!

Reaching Mobile Customers

There is no shortage of companies attempting to succeed on mobile platforms. What Zero G brings is 20+ years of player case studies that allows us to gain more ecommerce loyalty and word of mouth viral marketing. We study cutting edge micro-transaction techniques that separate your customers from their game buying dollars with a level of satisfaction they desire. We build each game to create engaging experiences that carefully control the players endorphins, and to cash out their reward structures at the perfect time. If you’re looking to stand out amongst your competitors, Zero G has the secret techniques to get you to your goal.

Facebook Gaming

As much as the industry has tried to replace Flash gaming, the majority of all online multimedia experiences still rely on this tried and true platform. With over one billion users on Facebook alone, the cost of development verses potential returns is a business imperative to your investors. Zero G can get your game into this market for a fraction of the cost of a mobile development effort. As the Facebook wallet becomes more and more commonplace, your potential revenue stream for producing a great game is limitless.

Custom Game Platforms

Zero G Games also specializes in porting legacy gaming platforms that have outgrown their functionality. Our developers have traditional server programming backgrounds that allow for fast conversions with minimal risk. Our heavy knowledge in client protocols allow us to save you bandwidth costs by compressing the data streams into any combination of binary, json, or ascii socket communication.

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