Game Development


Developing games online is a billion dollar industry and Zero G Games takes this fact very seriously. Our team focuses on your business objectives while crafting games that maximize playability, session times, and repeat play. Our clients routinely exceed their targeted playtimes with each title and repeat business on a yearly basis.

Our developers are trained game engine architects ensuring that your budget is spent on enhancing the game design and adding more in-game content. Our artists come with decades of traditional PC and console experience that make your games look virtually indistinguishable from normal download content.

Zero G’s online games have been celebrated by hundreds of millions of players worldwide. From single-player arcade titles to intense multiplayer gaming communities, we deliver entertainment that will engage your audience for hours at a time providing ample opportunities to market great products and services while they play.

Game Platforms

Our clients are always pushing the envelope when it comes to gaming platforms. We accept every new platform as a welcome challenge and have yet to find a technology we couldn’t tame. Here is a brief list of the platforms we’ve developed on to date:

  • iPhone / iPad (iOS)
  • Android
  • Facebook Flash
  • Facebook AJAX / HTML5 / JQuery
  • Flash
  • Flash Lite
  • Java Mobile
  • Java Applet
  • Cable Box Gaming (WebTV & IPTV)

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