Enterprise Development

enterprise-thumbZero G Games not only creates great games, we create great enterprise level solutions. Our team has been used to create architectural drawing apps, conference room robots, healthcare widgets, and online music studios. If you are in need of mobile or online application development, you can’t get better engineers than gaming engineers. As the quality of programming continues to decline due to seemingly infinite memory, processor, and hard drive space, our engineers and architects work to conserve every aspect of these areas to ensure the best possible performance.

The Power of Mobile

Sometimes all you need to do is help your customers find your website. Given that no one wants to remember your URL, a mobile app can come in handy that does nothing more than wrap your website into an app container. In other cases you may have a fleet of employees who have to remain deployed, and need a mobile method of managing your business that correlates with the family way. Zero G can help you custom design and develop an app that gets the job down on any device your employees can hold in their hand.

The Power Of Community

Not all online platforms are for gaming, just ask Facebook. Zero G has helped several clients bring their business to their customers using the same online gaming technology that we use for our gaming clients. From customer support solutions to online collaboration tools, we can add the edge you need to dominate your competition.

Custom Solutions

Zero G has helped numerous customers make their dreams possible by developing custom client applications to help their teams work together in ways that weren’t conceived just ten years ago. From conference call robots to online illustration tools to multiuser creative packages, wherever cutting edge meets reality, Zero G is probably under the hood.

Rapid Prototyping

As companies struggle to cut costs and drive up profit, Zero G has developed a niche of rapid prototyping user interfaces for commercial applications both in desktop hardware, custom mobile, and television devices. If your company needs an idea flushed out at a fraction of the cost, we have an entire division dedicated with thousands of pre-made components to get your concept functioning under your fingertips.

Patent Filing

With every great idea comes the need to protect your investment. The Zero G staff has more than two decades of experience creating patent level diagrams and documentation. We can help preserve your innovation without the loss of translation to patent attorneys who may forget a minor detail that means the difference between an enforceable concept and a lost effort. Once you start your project with Zero G you’ll immediately feel the relief that the road to stardom is that much smoother with a friend who understands your needs through and through.

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