From Concept To Reality

Welcome to Zero G Games. You’ve reached the one stop shop for all things mobile and internet gaming. Our team of game designers and developers have mastered Facebook gaming, iOS gaming, Android gaming, and the newly evolving HTML5 gaming. If you’re like most companies, you have limited dollars and one shot at the top. This is where Zero G comes in.

We can help you develop your roadmap to success in all markets with our years of experience helping fortune 1000 clients do the same. Our 20+ years of gaming development experience allows us to create games that are deeper, and more entertaining than most. Our games average 45 minute playtimes, which is time that translates into dollars. Regardless of how small the concept, our games tell stories, build franchises, and remain treasured pitstops of player’s pasts.

We have put games on every platform from cable tv boxes to consoles, from mobile to web, and even physical role-playing cards. Our development team have refined coding techniques to ensure the widest possible distribution for each game we develop. One codebase can be ported to every platform on the market to save time and widen your chances for recouping your investment.

If you have a concept waiting to be realized, let us make that dream a reality.